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Protein Expression, Purification, Modification & Sequencing

Progeneca provides quality services in the following areas:

  • Gene cloning
  • Choice of expression vector
  • Expression system selection
  • Selection of best expressing clones
  • Creation of research cell bank
  • Master cell bank generation
  • Protein purification method development
  • Establishing protein purity criteria
  • Transfer of method to CRO for pilot scale production
  • Translating the Pilot scale process into manufacturing
  • Pilot and Manufacturing stage monitoring to make sure that quality is not compromised
  • Protein stability testing.
  • Filing of  Pre-IND and IND
  • Site-specific PEGylation of protein drugs.  PEGylation helps the protein drug to escape immune system of the patient and thereby prolongs the life span of the protein drug in the body. 
  • Protein sequencing by LC-MS/MS
  • Site-specific mutagenesis and other techniques to stabilize the protein